ActionScript tweening library for Flash and Flex


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[4/11/2011] v2.3 UPDATE: Added shortcut methods for add & remove

Pretty simple, but long overdue. New methods to make life easier: add = addTween, remove = removeTweens

[3/11/2011] v2.2 UPDATE: Removed fl.motion.Color dependencies

TweenMan no longer requires fl.motion.Color, and the interpolation has been slightly improved for color tweens.

[9/24/2010] v2.1 UPDATE: Added support for Flex + FDT 4

Fixed some compile warnings with the Flex SDK under FDT 4, and added a swc file for download.

[9/15/2010] TweenMan v2.0 is out, and is over a billion times faster than v1.7!!

Actually, it is a lot faster. I've rewritten and optimized the most performance-sensitive parts of the code, putting it nearly on par with TweenLite (using the greensock AS3 speed test). Not only that, I've improved the memory management by adding object pooling, which re-uses the Tween and Property objects instead of simply discarding them to the garbage collector. Since I use TweenMan on a daily basis, I am obviously excited for this release, but I hope you find it useful as well.

TweenMan is free open source code, written by Dan Rogers.